A is For Activism

Solidarity and Survival


Who We Are

A is for Activism is an international community hub for political education, love, class consciousness, mutual aid for survival and solidarity.

We are a members-led organisation focused on tackling fighting structural racism and providing an alternative to the system we have in place. We have a chapter in Birmingham, U.K. and California U.S.A.

To find out more about our vision, see our manifesto below.


What We Do

We are a book club that focus on reading materials which tackle our oppressive systems. We study the works of Black and marginalised Marxist revolutionaries and ensure we forward the theory into radical actions within our community and globally.

All are welcome to our meetings, more details can be found below.


Our Aims

Although we are a book club, we also run mutual aid programs in our cities. These include:

  • Collaborating with local community organisations
  • Helping Birmingham and California’s homeless and migrant communities
  • Supporting community initiatives and disenfranchised groups
  • Educating and facilitating workshops
  • Sharing resources and making knowledge accessible for all

If you would like to support our efforts, donate using the link below.

About Us

We are a Birmingham based book club. Humanity, community and love is at our core.

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