Love, community and humanity at our core.

A is for Activism is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation that started as a book club and morphed into something greater than we had imagined. We welcome and support all who are disenfranchised. We hope to bring like-minded people together in order to work collectively towards bringing a stronger and more enlightened community.

Our Manifesto

We reject western principles of individualism and foster a culture of collectivism, “Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu” or “I am, because you are” is a Zulu phrase that speaks to our togetherness, we are all interconnected, need each other and we can only fight against oppressive forces if we are unified. We are not proprietors of knowledge, believe knowledge is not for us to harness for ego or power, it’s to be shared. 


  1. We want the complete fall of  capitalism and implementation of socialism

Capitalism has allowed a select few to accumulate a great portion of wealth through the exploitation of the working class labour. The elite create wealth from plundering resources and labour from oppressed groups. Capitalism imprisons those who rebel against the injustice. 

  1. We demand full liberation of all oppressed people and their due reparations 

From the indigenous Omaha tribes, to the former enslaved Africans forced into the Americas, to the citizens living in occupied Palestine, to former colonised nations who currently pay substantial debts, we demand their full liberation. In favour of a society that believes in equity, it is imperative that they receive reparations for all that they were subjected to. 

  1.  The end of all imperialist wars 

We are fundamentally against all occupations.The west has continued its genocidal onslaught in the name of keeping its hegemonic power  in the regions of the global south and maximising its profit and exploitation. Wars enforce cultural and political superiority through the degradation of human beings. They leave behind traumatised victims in broken countries while private corporations line their pockets.

  1. Adequate housing, food, healthcare and warmth for all

For a fair and equal society, we demand adequate and high standards of living for all people. For people to live with dignity, they must be supported. Too long have slumlord millionaires endangered disenfranchised communities by providing inadequate housing. Pharmaceutical companies rely on people being sick to make profit from illnesses and deaths. Global hunger could be eradicated and yet the capitalist system allows 21,000 people to die from starvation everyday.

  1. An end to the prison industrial complex and policing

We demand an end to policing and to the idea of punitive sentences as justice.The inhumane, mechanical brutality of the mass incarceration machine is not built for the purpose of rehabilitation. The prison complex is modern day slavery; a profitable business model informed by racist stereotypes, predicated on the suffering of black and brown people. Strong communities make police obsolete, investing in disenfranchised communities will see a drastic reduction in crime rates. 

  1. Education and literacy for all

We believe in global literacy campaigns. All countries need an education system that isn’t based upon a ‘one size fits all’ model with standardised testing, but one that accommodates all children and teenagers. A system that gives the opportunity for young people to be tested in ways that best suit them. We demand a western curriculum that teaches the truth when speaking of the history of colonialism. Our aim is to provide tools for families and community members to ensure students are able to have access to reading materials that include radical approaches to fight against anti-blackness, racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, etc .

  1. All children to be safeguarded, nourished, loved 

We need to protect our children by instilling a strong cultural identity, respecting and listening to their voices and educating them.We must work to recognise the autonomy of the youngest members of our communities. Children cannot grow in impoverished communities and be expected to flourish in a white-supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal system. 

  1. Liberation for all LGBQT, disabled, brown, indigenous and black people

An equal and liberated world cannot exclude any minorities. Liberation for one, must mean liberation for all.

Our Aims

  • Collaborating with local community organisations
  • Supporting community initiatives and disenfranchised groups
  • Educating and facilitating workshops
  • Sharing resources and making knowledge accessible for all